Counseling in San Antonio Texas

I am a Jungian Psychotherapist who specializes in transforming the effects of anger and conflict in relationships, in marriages, and between family members – at work and play. Anger as a secondary emotion often covers up more profound and deep feelings associated with grief due to loss and trauma, PTSD, and debilitating anxiety. Often referred to as archetypal psychology, Jungian psychotherapy addresses these conditions by searching dreams, engaging sand tray, exploring the arts, using mandala psychology, and studying mythology and the archetypal patterns revealed by these techniques.

In addition I employ the neuropsychology and somatic techniques of bi-lateral stimulation, recycled memory work, and cogitative restructuring as tools for helping a traumatized individual in the grips of trauma memories, anxiety, anger, and/or depression.  These types of psychosomatic conditions can destroy one’s ability to maintain relationships and experience vitality and trust of life in general. The holistic approach of Jungian psychology lends itself to these modalities – providing a mind, body, and soul connection in the field of traditional talk therapy.

Children respond well to the art and sand tray processes, especially when used in conjunction with ‘Child Directed Play Therapy’. This technique teaches parents how to work with their children in order to impart greater autonomy, self esteem, and self control for a child struggling, especially with a family in crisis due to divorce and child custody concerns. Adolescents also engage more readily when given an activity that helps them reveal their inner struggle.

To this end I provide therapeutic art activities and instruction, such as drawing and painting. I use these activities as a tool to help them stay engaged in the therapeutic process and as a viewfinder into their unconscious. Emotional and psychological healing is often on the horizon, once together we see the inner images that have meaning for them.

With two offices –  my home base office in Austin, Texas and a second office in San Antonio, Texas – I offer counseling services to help you and your family overcome negative and destructive patterns of living that no longer serve your life.

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